The Pin Project

The annual School of Nursing Pinning Ceremony has become one of the most significant events in a nursing student’s experience; they are welcomed into the nursing profession or reaffirm their commitment to the profession as advance practice nurses.

The UCLA School of Nursing Alumni Network fundraises to provide pins for each nursing graduate. We are excited to contribute toward the development of our future alumni and colleagues.

We hope to raise $10,000 annually toward this effort. Alumni, family and friend support is instrumental in making it possible to sponsor pins for all graduating students. We invite you to join us in meeting this goal!

Teresa Valenzuela ’94
Director, Alumni Affairs and Outreach
UCLA School of Nursing


As I received my pin, I was overwhelmed by the realization that in addition to the support of my family, friends, and UCLA faculty, all the nurses of the Alumni Association were supporting me as I entered the nursing profession."
~ Julia Kim, M.E.C.N. ’12
It meant a lot that UCLA and the Alumni Association had made such a huge effort to recognize us – an effort that left us feeling valued, respected, grateful, and EVEN MORE appreciative of our alma mater... The MECN 2012 cohort is a family now, and our family is sincerely grateful to the alumni association for supporting such a tremendous rite of passage."
~ Louise Fraser, M.E.C.N. ’12
It was such an empowering and sentimental moment for me when I received the nursing pin. To me, the pin symbolizes all of the tears, sweat, and joy that my classmates and I experienced together... and I could not have imagined anything more meaningful and beautiful... Now that I am a proud alumna, I know I will also be honored to give back so that future nursing graduates will be able to continue to experience this invaluable rite of passage. Thank you again, UCLA School of Nursing Alumni Association!"
~Alina Wong, B.S. ’12